DJ Dobrel Signs with LoudKult

Dublin based DJ Dobrel teams up with Hungarian producer Szaby to release a new track on Loudkult Record Label in collaboration with American Idol finalist Robbie Rosen on vocals. DJ Dobrel, who has a social media reach of over 20.1K followers, remains relevant in the EDM scene releasing tracks constantly. Robbie Rosen is an international singer/songwriter who hit a publishing deal with BMG and has a social media reach of over 23.8K followers, while Szaby has already released music for TGR, a sub label of Sony.
DJ Dobrel says that the concept is about the feelings which came through as a result of being in lockdown during the past year. The track’s steady piano-house beat intertwining with concordant guitar lines shows us how, even separated, we share a universal aspiration to connect with one another. ‘So Far Away’ is a gentle reminder to all of us that we will share dancefloors again and all those unforgettable moments we itch for. This carefree, good feeling, summer tune reminds us of brighter days ahead and shows us a vision of how things will be once again. With its buzzing harmonics, high-energy synths, and unstoppable melodic uplift, it essentially establishes a mold for the 3 artist’s merge with mainstage EDM.

Loudkult is an artist-friendly label whose mission is to create a home and safe space for artists where they can grow, collaborate and connect with like-minded people. ‘So Far Away’ will be available on streaming and selling platforms on February 19th.

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